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Welcome to our Camino Portuguese Central blog!  Over the span of 32 days in May and April 2019 we completed this 690 km pilgrimage route from Lisbon, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  I am a naturalist and bird lover, and Sean is a landscape photographer.  Together we walked, photographed, and blogged the pilgrimage route, and it was unlike any of the previous pilgrimage trails we've previously experienced.  

After completing the Camino Portuguese Central route we walked 115 km from Santiago de Compostela to Muxia and Finisterre on the Camino Finisterre.  

Thank you for reading, and 'Buen Camino'!

Camino Portuguese Map Portugal Santiago.

A Return to the Camino de Santiago 

What is a Camino? And Other Great Questions About The Way 

Camino Portuguese: Details and Information 

Sleeping, Eating, and Waymarking on the Camino Portuguese 

Thoughts About the Camino Portuguese 

Planning and Preparing for the Camino Portuguese 

Training and Preparations for Camino de Santiago 

Camino Portuguese: Routes and Variations 

Trekking The Way: Gear and Advice 

Essential Equipment for the Camino Portuguese 

Take Off :Toronto to Lisbon 

Castles and Cathedral : Exploring Lisbon

Camino Portuguese On the Way : Lisbon to Alpriate

Birding Camino de Santiago : Alpriate to Vilafranca de Xira 

Fog, Fields, and Friendship : Vilafrance de Xira to Azambuja 

Wonderful Trails and Magical Albergues : Azambuja to Porto de Muge 

Spring Flowers and Nature : Porto de Muge to Santarem 

Kindness and Natural Beauty : Santarem to Azinhaga 

Taxis and Troubles : Azinhaga to Tomar 

Exploration and Aqueducts : Tomar 

Portuguese Countryside : Tomar to Alvaiazere 

Dark Skies, Sunny Ways : Alvaiazere to Alvorge 

Tilting at Windmills on Camino : Alvorge to Cernache 

Exploring History and Culture : Cernache to Coimbra 

Pastries and Progress : Coimbra to Mealhada 

Vinho Tinto : Mealhada to Algueda 

Amazing Vistas and Pilgrim Meals : Agueda to Albergaria a Nova 

Roman Roads and Railways : Albergaria a Nova to Soa Joao da Madeira 

Urban Trekking on Camino : Sao Joao da Madeira to Grijo 

Forest Pathways and Big Cities : Grijo to Porto 

At the Crossroads : Exploring Porto Portugal

Reflecting on Lisbon to Porto on the Camino Portuguese 

Mosteiros and Museums : Porto to Vairao 

Into the Countryside : Vairao to Barcelos  

Trail Magic : Barcelos to Valinhas 

Roman Legions and Medieval Bridges : Valinhas to Ponte da Lima 

The Pilgrim's Nest : Ponte da Lima to Rubiaes 

Cafes, Cakes, and Castles into Spain : Rubiaes to Tui 

Reflecting on the Camino Portuguese from Porto to Valencia Tui

Final 100 km of the Camino Portuguese : Tui to Saxamonde 

Shells, Arrows, and Pilgrims : Saxamonde to Pontevedra 

Thermal Hot Springs and Wild Birds : Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis 

Road to Santiago : Caldas de Reis to Teo

The Way of Saint James : Teo to Santiago de Compostela 

Camino Portuguese Advice 

Getting Your Compostela in Santiago 

Exploring Santiago de Compostela 

Reflecting on the Camino Portuguese

To the End of the World: Camino Fisterre and Muxia 

Incomparable Sunrises : Santiago to Vilaserio 

Blessings of St Roch : Vilaserio to O Logoso 

Atlantic Coastlines and Wide Open Spaces : O Logoso to Muxia 

Birding the End of the World : Muxia to Finisterre 

The Route Back : Finisterre to Santiago de Compostela (via bus) 

Homeward Bound : Santiago, Spain to Toronto, Canada 

Songs to work out and trek to for your Camino!

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We have also completed several other long-distance hikes, including the Bruce Trail, the Trans Canada Trail, and the East Coast Trail.